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Top Packing Tips

We're not only here to make your moving process easy but your packing process as well. Follow these top packing tips to ensure an easier and stress free move.

Create your moving checklist and timeline. By planning your pack you will be able to keep a handle on the events and keep your stress at a minimum.

Use packing paper. Regular newspaper may bleed on your possessions, use white packing paper to keep your items cleans.

Invest in moving boxes. Moving boxes are relatively inexpensive and the added strength can be worth the cost in the end.

Don't leave empty space. Fill in any empty spaces in the boxes with packing paper, clothes, or foam peanuts to prevent items from moving around and breaking.

Re-purpose household items. Use suitcases, hampers, or laundry bins to store some of your clothes or lighter household items.

Save time unpacking. Use a garbage bag to cover your already hung garments by poking a hole through the top for the hangers to poke out.

Pack dishes vertically. Pack your wrapped dishes vertically in the box like records.

Take pictures of your electronics. Take pictures of the back of your electronics before taking them apart. This will make it easier for you to set up your TV as soon as you move in.

Prevent spills. Cover the openings of your toiletries with saran wrap, then put the tops back on.

Stop grocery shopping. Make your last grocery trip 1.5 weeks before the scheduled move. The less food, the less you throw out. It's okay to eat out a few days in a row, right?

Let us take it from here. With these tips you will be a pro packer in no time and we can handle it from there.

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