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Packing away your Holiday

As quick as it went the holiday season is over and now it's time to pack away those holiday decorations. We have some tips on how to get those items packed away conveniently and safely.

Wrap the lights around a piece of cardboard. Nothing is worse than having to untangle the lights every year and this will ensure you don't have to worry about it.

Try out a clothing rack. If you use multiple wreaths to decorate your house one of the best ways to keep them pristine is by wrapping them in plastic and hanging them on a clothing rack. This rack can be kept in storage, a basement, or garage.

Make use of the leftover party supplies. Use your leftover plastic cups to organize and store your ornaments. You can even glue the cups to a piece of cardboard to add a protective shield and make the sections stack-able.

Use cardboard. A lot of people use plastic storage containers to pack away their decorations but cardboard boxes can work just fine if you pack correctly. A good rule to follow for holiday decorations and cardboard boxes is the smaller boxes are preferred over the larger. This will allow you to separate your items and will be an easier way to store them.

Don't forget to remove batteries! You should remove any decorations that contain batteries. Batteries can leak or break down in storage.

Wrap your tree. There are a few options to keep your artificial tree stored nicely throughout the year. A few options are wrapping it in garbage bags, shrink wrap, or sewing unused sheets around it.

Use clear reusable bags. If you have non-fragile ornaments that you like to keep separated by color, use clear gallon bags to keep them organized.

Use original boxes. For your more valuable fragile ornaments it is best to place them back in the box they came in. If that is no longer an option you can ask your local liquor store or Costco for wine boxes with the cardboard dividers. These can be customized to fit your ornament needs.

Once you have all your decorations organized, give Ballew Moving a call to get your holiday decorations moved to your storage unit, basement, or garage.

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