Moving with Pets

Moving can be stressful for anyone but especially for our favorite furry friends. Help reduce stress in your animal with these tips and tricks:

Pack an overnight kit. Just like you would for yourself, prepare an easily accessible over night bag that has enough dog food, toys, kitty litter. and essentials to keep your pet comfortable during unpacking.

Introduce boxes. If you know your furry friend gets stressed when it comes to packing, introduce moving boxes early on. It is best for them to become familiar with the process slowly rather than quickly.

Reduce their food. If you are traveling long distance and know your pet does not do well in a car, reduce their food servings by one-third a few days before so they won't have a full tummy while bouncing in the car.

Get a sitter or have a designated room. During the move itself it is best to keep your pet away from the action. It can be stressful seeing their favorite pieces of furniture carted off to a truck. If it is not possible to get a sitter, keep your pet in a quite stress-free room as long as possible until it is time to leave.

Drive your own pet. It is important to drive your pet in your own car. This will keep them calm and in a familiar setting during the move. Some animals will feel more comfortable with a blanket over their carrier during the ride so they can't see the environment changing outside.

Move the house before you move the pet. Set up as much as you can before you introduce your pet to their new home, even if it's just one room. Give them lots of attention and show where their toys and food and water bowls are kept now, make them feel at home!

With a little patience your furry friend will be the king or queen of their new home!

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